My work

Hugo Esteban Rodríguez Castañeda

Published work and ephemera.


Codigo 52–U. S. Highway 77 – 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar [May 2013]

Remembering – Dead Flowers: A Rag [July 2013]

To be a Mexican – HEArt Journal [February 2016]

Nada que declarar; SB 1128 – Latino Rebels: Bolder Anthology [February 2016]

Stranded (or midnight is an inkwell); A two-stepping guide for cowards – Donut Factory [August 2016]

Dos; Coatlicue – Garland of the Goddess: Tales of the Feminine Divine

A good place to be far from; the obsidian dream, societal norms – Neon Mariposa Magazine Issue 3 [August 2019]

The hierophant – Marias at Sampaguitas [June 2019]


“The Ritual” – The Airgonaut [May 2016]

“White Eyes”Riding Light: Starwheel [September 2016]

“Don’t Cry” – Spirit’s Tincture [August 2016]

Springtime in South Texas – The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods [November 2016]

This Noctune of Misplaced Questions” – The Airgonaut [January 2017]

“The added weight of skin cells” – breakroomstories [June 2017]

“Where did the flowers go?; “Offerings”; “Artifice”, “Have you seen Mr. Garcia?” – Mathematician Transmission [January 2019, June 2019, February 2020]


…And Other Stories – (originally published by La Casita Grande Editores)

Description: A magical taco truck. Body dysmorphia. Unholy obsessions with a traffic reporter. High school drama. And that is only the beginning. Neither heroes nor villains, …And Other Stories explores men and women facing their internal mirrors and external/internal othering. In a time when otherness is under attack, …And Other Stories is a celebration of all that is weird.

Essays Superheroes, lucha libre, and growing up – The Acentos Review [June 2017]

Interviews with Rachelle Escamilla for KKUP’s Out of Our Minds

Artist Profile with Trevor Boffone, founder of the 50 Playwrights Project

with Sheldon Lee Compton, Enclave/Entropy Mag

Workshops Facilitated

Flash Fiction Workshop, Tintero Projects: October 2016

Flash Fiction Workshop, LSC-Kingwood, March 2017


Houston’s Mexican-American Literature Database – Icess Fernandez Rojas, LSC-Kingwood

Mapping Literary Tejas: Houston – Project Sponsor: Dr. Claire Massey, University of Rostock

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