On Writing Groups

Writers have this…I guess you might want to call it a ‘reputation’ for not always being the most sociable type of people. At least, that was the old school stereotype. If you go by your standard stereotype of the modern writer, traditional or indie, you run into people that are constantly posting, constantly interacting, etc.Continue reading “On Writing Groups”

Return of wInksday: Episode 8 – School Ink

I’ve been thinking about moving this blog away from just pens and ink and stationery to also talking about writing and other creative stuff I enjoy. I will keep my Fountain Pen Friday series going beginning next week BUT it will be much more limited as I am officially running out of fountain pens IContinue reading “Return of wInksday: Episode 8 – School Ink”

wInksday 8: Robert Oster River of Fire

I’ve decided to stop using the Tomoe River paper for ink comparisons. It’s been discontinued, as previously mentioned, Instead I’m going to start using the Exceed notebook. It’s Wal-Mart’s answer to the Leuchturm and it’s actually surprisingly decent. I’ve used a few of them for meeting notebooks at school. The only downside is there’s aContinue reading “wInksday 8: Robert Oster River of Fire”

Meandering thoughts on the craft and salesmanship

If you type in traditional vs indie publishing, you’re going to get a whole lot of sites and given how prevalent indie publishing is online a whole lot of those sites will have a curious pro-indie publishing angle. Once I got the rights to my traditionally-published book back I went ahead and began selling itContinue reading “Meandering thoughts on the craft and salesmanship”