Fountain Pen Friday #5 -TWSBI Swipe

I recently got to a milestone I had been trying to get to for months and I decided to treat MAHSELF to a new pen — the TWSBI Swipe.

I do like TWSBIs. I have one of their Gos and three of their Ecos. I had one more but there was a big oopsie and I don’t have it anymore (read: I accidentally jacked it up)

The Swipe is the most recent addition to the family, and it has the advantage of not looking like a vape pen.

I ordered it from Goulet Pens, my favorite online retailer and one of my favorite YouTube channels.

Swipe, Eco, and Go (from bottom to top)

Comes in a much nicer box than the Go and even the Eco, tell you hwhat.

This is the coolest, by the way. It comes with a proprietary cartridge, a twist converter, and a piston converter with a backup spring. I really like it when my pens come with their converter includeed. (*glares at LAMY*) Here, TWSBI said, you know, we really like the spring-converter the Go has but we also like the piston converter the Eco (and other brands) have. You get to pick which one to use here! More on that in a second.

Here’s how the Swipe looks next to a Pilot G-2.

Back to the converter types.

The spring mechanism (left) is a tad easier to clean, but you have to be careful when you load it up. The piston converter on the right gives you a little more maneuverability but I find these harder to clean without a syringe.

I opted to fill the pen with Private Reserve Orange Crush because blue will always go with orange for me.

puro 956

It’s also a really bold and well-behaved orange. My other one, Noddler’s Habanero, can at times bleed like crazy, particularly in my bolder pens.

I was kind of surprised by how…well, I’m not used to ink bottles looking like an exogorth’s open maw.

Filled it up as best as I could, and started to write a little bit.

Inkflow felt great with only the tiiiiiiniest bit of feedback. Will definitely consider buying another one!

Published by obsidianpalms

Hugo Esteban Rodríguez Castañeda is a writer and educator hailing from Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. He is the author of “…And Other Stories” (2018, La Casita Grande Editores) as well as other short stories, poems, and essays that have appeared in places like The Airgonaut, The Acentos Review, Picaroon Poetry, Neon Mariposa, Mathematician Transmission and the Texas Poetry Calendar. He is a graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso's MFA program and hus fiction has been recommended as part of Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net slates and was longlisted for the Wigleaf Top 50. He is currently a reader for RUBY Lit and occasionally freelances as a content editor for a publishing company. A fountain pen enthusiast, he lives in Northwest Houston and is most at home at coffeehouses, shopping malls, and mosh pits.

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