Fountain Pen Friday #2 – The Things He Carried

One of the common terms you hear in the fountain pen, and really a lot of other communities, is the term ‘EDC’ as in everyday carry.

Now, one thing I did mention about my fountain pen vice/habit is that it’s encouraged me not to put pens in my pockets (unless I’m wearing a shirt with pockets in which case my Lamy or Pilots look kinda cool).

But you know, I like to have multiple pens on hand. And so here’s my usual set up for leaving the house.

No description available.

The pen case is an iDream365 Hard Protective EVA Carrying Case . I got it off of Amazon and it’s pretty comfortable. Pens, I like to carry at least a combination of:

  • blue
  • black
  • red pen
  • ‘civilian’ pen
  • and a midliner highlighter because they’re the most fountain pen friendly highlighters

The notebook is an Exceed notebook. Exceed is a Wal-Mart brand that is basically a Leuchturm1917 knockoff with a very limited color selection.


It’s actually a very solid little notebook. I normally have slightly larger versions of it for my school meeting notes.

No description available.

School getup

No description available.

I keep the first set up ,and then I add a Think Ink notebook from Target where I log my meetings. I also found a pack of small steno pads at Target ($5 for 5) because of COURSE I did that and they are great for quicker tearable notes. At the bottom is my Minimalism Art bullet journal. It’s a great brand when it comes to fountain pen-friendly (and really, all pens) notebooks and for the price it’s great especially when you compare it to equal-size Leuchtturm1917s or Rhodias that are a little pricier.

I don’t buy Moleskine notebooks because their paper is extremely thin, even for regular pens. I tell people they’re like loose-leaf paper notebooks with an impressive marketing arm.

I keep my small notebook and my pen set for arbitrary thoughts during lunch.

Out and About/Hipster Set

No description available.

Because I can have more things to carry when I post up at a coffeeshop, I throw these in a leather college professor bag my dad gave me as a gift. I keep the pen case but add a pen wallet in case I want to switch out to a different color fountain pen.

I carry a small book with me from my to-read list (in this case, Rudy Francisco’s I’ll fly away) and a couple of notebooks. You’ll notice the notebooks have names and it’s…I don’t know. I name things. I don’t talk OFTEN about the things I name because then I’d be looked at as the kind of guy who names things.

But it started with what I thought was going to be the name of my first poetry collection but I liked the name so much it just stuck around as my all-purpose naming convention for my notebooks. Flash Floods and Revelations. Don’t ask. I just like the way it rolls off the tongue and HIM took the equally-aweseome Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights. My current lineup is as follows:

I – 2019 Bullet journal (Letterbox Notebook) – DONE
II – 2019-2020 Commonplace Book (Lemome Notebook) – DONE
III – Writing Project Journal (Leuchturm) – DONE
IV – Writing Project Journal (Minimalism Art)
V – Writing Project Journal (Leuchturm)
VI – Poetry Journal (Exceed)

Outside the Flash Floods series I have another Leuchturm notebook used for my homebrew DND setting notes/other assorted tabletop things; a standard notebook for my blog notes; and my 2021 Commonplace Book that I haven’t quite worked on this year.

Obviously, I don’t take them all out at once, I just pick and choose what I’m going to work on if I’m in my writer mode. In the picture above, it’s my set up for my long-standing fantasy project and the bones of my second poetry collection.

Published by obsidianpalms

Hugo Esteban Rodríguez Castañeda is a writer and educator hailing from Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. He is the author of “…And Other Stories” (2018, La Casita Grande Editores) as well as other short stories, poems, and essays that have appeared in places like The Airgonaut, The Acentos Review, Picaroon Poetry, Neon Mariposa, Mathematician Transmission and the Texas Poetry Calendar. He is a graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso's MFA program and hus fiction has been recommended as part of Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net slates and was longlisted for the Wigleaf Top 50. He is currently a reader for RUBY Lit and occasionally freelances as a content editor for a publishing company. A fountain pen enthusiast, he lives in Northwest Houston and is most at home at coffeehouses, shopping malls, and mosh pits.

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